O Life 

He came into this world a happy child
He wore a broad smile as his mother carried him
He played and toyed with everything at his reach
O life was so simple

He grew and time flew by unnoticed
He became a youth and was so excited as everyone else
He made mistakes and lived as though tomorrow never was
O life was so worth living

He soon got a job and settled for a real life
He had a beautiful wife as he had always wished for
He had lovely kids and responsibilities crept up on him
O life was so beautiful

He had lots of work and meetings to attend to
He had to deal with the ups and downs of marriage
He had children with many needs and craving for attention
O life was so challenging

He started aging and grew tiny gray hairs
He now noticed how grown his children were
He now noticed how everything around him had changed
O life was so different

He soon retired from work and noticed his abandoned farm
He watched as his children replayed his own life 
He was a wise man giving advice to his children
O life was so fast

He now sat on an old creaky chair outside his house
He watched his grandchildren play and smiled with nostalgia
He sipped his coffee as life drained out of him
O life was so short

Haters signify your worth

All of us have at some point in life dealt with haters.This has affected some people negatively,killing their morale. Some stopped pursuing their passion simply because some haters intimidated them. Why let a hater stop you or slow you down?

Every hater has seen something good in you before hating on you. 

Food for thought:Why would someone hate you if you are worthless??

If you don’t have a hater then you don’t have anything precious. It is healthy to have haters because they unknowingly keep you going 

Here’s a piece of advice, always give them something to talk about.For the young men and girls get good grades and if education is not your piece of cake,maximise on your skills and talent to their surprise.For the couples, love each other to the moon and back as they are busy bluffing about failed relationships. Mum and dad,stretch your limits to educate your children as haters are busy saying that your children will abandon you.For those toiling, give a deaf ear to those barking dogs that don’t bite and toil your way to success.Always give them a new “topic” to keep them busy. 

Never give a hater the satisfaction to see you down, sulking or crying.Irritate them with prosperity and in the long run they will adore you (in silence).

My hope is that no single  person with great potential shall any longer feel intimidated by a hater.